Well- being

The Tantra massage combined with the sensitive- relaxing massage improves the wellbeing of the person and also stimulates the energies and sensations of the organism.

In all my massages I have a therapeutic part,tryng to relax the whole body.


Let go and immerse yourself in a world of sensation, in order to obtain a relief and total benefit despite any situation that makesus lose energy.


All the massages I offer are Tantra-Erotic, since part of the Tantra philosophy is on meditation, respect and pleasure of the senses.

That is why I guarantee absolute harmony in an intimate environment, independent and with maximum hygiene.

                Independent and professional masseuse Tantra, Tenerife South.



    I welcome you to my website, where you can get  information and request  my services. My massages are dedicated to men and women who want to have a sensual, enriching and vibrant experience.


    Come and discover that pleasure is not a sin...


    Unique Fusion of  various techniques and emotions where you can experience pleasure as you have never done before.

    Atmosphere,  sensitive energy , elegant and discreet to guarantee the maximum possible comfort made by an independent masseuse.


    The Erotic- Massage is defined by a relaxing and sensual massage throughout the body , including the genitals and where the purpose is pleasure, orgasm and ejaculation.  The famous ,,Happy ending¨  refers to a manual stimulation.


    A unique event, for those passionate about the sensations, energy and pleasure of Tantra -Erotic- Massage.