Tantra Massage


    Laura Tantra Massage brings together both body and mind, and takes you to an intense mental and physical level where you are lifted into an intimate state of expectancy, taking you to the ultimate peak of sexual arousal.

    Using as the main tools the deep breathing and conscious touch, this soft massage carries the body to intense relaxation trying to amplify and expand energy, allowing us to connect sexuality with the heart and its essence.

    Your masseuse knows precisely how to take body and mind to the ultimate sexual experiance using her hand to touch every part of your body,end then release in one intimate moment all tensions,and then bring you slowly down to a relaxed state of welbeing.


         Duration : 1 hour - 100€

                    90 minutes - 140€        

Body to Body Massage

    Body to Body massage is actually developed in countries like Greece, Brazil or India.

    Enjoy as never and be carried away by this exciting massage laden with magic, sensuality and eroticism.  The massage is carried out with the hands but also with the body.

     That kind of massage will help you to control and improve your body sensations. It is offered in Tatami or futon with hot oil, soft and sensual music that invades the atmosphere throughout the session.


Duration : 1 hour - 120€

            90 minutes - 160€

Double Erotic Massage

                      Do you feel adventurer?    I have the perfect massage for you!

    Double Erotic is a sensual, body to body massage that will make you burst with pleasure with the double Lingam or Yoni massage, one at the beginning of the massages and another at the end, thus prolonging your state of pleasure.

    Discover a new level of incomprable pleasure!


Duration : 90 minutes - 160€


The Gentleman`s Prostate Massage

    Sometimes called the ,, male G-spot" ,  the Prostatic massage allows to release the erotic energy called Kundalini which can open doors to erotic, emotional and spiritual experiences.

    The orgasm of  Prostate is still a taboo...

    Different from the orgasm of penis,basically because it focuses on the outside, this other orgasm opens another dimension of pleasure besides untold sensations.

    The stimulation of the ,,G-spot"  is only one part of the whole massage; the muscles of the client`s body must be stretched to achieve complete relaxation,  stimulation  and pleasure.

    All taboos can be combated with education. Men should begin to learn where they hide their most intense pleasure, assume it, and begin to enjoy it.


Duration : 1 hour - 120€

          90 minutes - 160€


Yoni Massage

Yoni is the name that in the Tantra receives the female sexual organ.

My experience shows that women tend to value in massages the closeness and intimacy with the masseuse , as being able to enjoy the preliminaries so that they can prolong the final pleasure.

In the case of women, there are a number of  erogenous zones that are special and sensitive; ears, neck,  back, thighs and breasts. The caresses that are provided are sensual and will massage the whole body little by little as it approaches the erogenous zones.

As a Tantra massage , the Yoni is immersed in a ritual where the atmosphere is crucial; It is carried in an intimate atmosphere with candles, aromatic oils, soft light and relaxing music.


Duration : 1 hour / 90 minutes- 130€ 


Mutual Massage

    Mutual massage is recommended for those who consider themselves lovers of sensuality, warmth and eroticism.

    Through this massage are discovered sensations that the body itself can not somtimes achieve.

    Both the client and the masseuse are in complete nudity of body and spirit.

    To enjoy the massage is essential to have a sensible attitude, intuitive and respectful, only so you can achieve the perfect chemistry between the person who provides and who receives it.

    Enjoying this massage can provoke not only the relaxation of the body but the excitement of it, being an effective alternative of emotional and physical therapy, if you suffer from sadness, scarcity of affection, depression, anxiety, problems of sexuality as ejaculation-precocious, or you just want to discover and enjoy new sensations.


    Duration : 1 hour - 150€

                90 minutes - 180€